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The BRAVO project aims to create an advanced therapeutic environment based on an innovative ICT system able to help young patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to improve their health conditions.

The BRAVO game environment aims to


the relationship between
young patients and their treatment


personalised care


therapists in managing the
rehabilitation programme

Effectiveness of the games

The use of game-based interactions allows to make treatment more acceptable and to increase its effectiveness.

Pervasive adaptive game

The therapeutic activity follows the children at home, continues on their arrival at the clinic and goes on during the treatment session.

Use of sensors

Bio-feedback collected during sessions is used to detect stress and anxiety and to adapt the interaction of the young patient.

Use story

The BRAVO virtual gaming environment is an innovative metholody able to provide children with ADHD with an immersive experience.

The system users are:
  • Patients, who can access the games developed and receive their personalised treatment
  • Therapists, who can access the system to assign treatments, and adjust them based on the effects they have on patients

Francesco is 8 years old, and has been recently diagnosed with ADHD as a behavioural disorder.
Francesco presents the oppositional defiant disorder as a comorbidity, and therefore he frequently argues with teachers and family members.
His mother fears that Francesco may show a hostile attitude to his therapist from the onset, and not collaborate on the success of the therapeutic sessions.

Francesco is fascinated by technology and video games. When he enters the clinic, he finds himself immersed in an engaging game environment, that captures his attention and makes him curious.

Marianna, his therapist, introduces Francesco to his personal avatar, that looks like him and can talk to him

Guided by Marianna, Francesco faces the therapy session by playing, he does not realize that a data mining intelligent component is capturing the data deriving from the game and that the difficulty of the game he is playing is dynamically shifting based on those data.

At the next meeting, Francesco finds again his avatar waiting for him at the entrance of the clinic, and they say hello to each other as good friends. Marianna gives the therapy in the form of a game; Francesco realizes that the game is continuing from where he left it during the last session. The time is up, but Francesco is really looking forward to play again!

Immerse yourself in the game for more effective ADHD therapy



Villa delle Ginestre

Lead partner
Expert in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from physical, psychic and sensorial disorders. First test site of the proposed solution.

Citel Group

Expert in data analytics and back-end development


Expert in virtual and augumented reality and avatar development

Grifo Multimedia

Expert in serious games and gamification


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